Natural Process Farming

  • No synthetic chemicals of any kind (pesticides,herbicides,fertilizers,ect.)
  • No pesticides of any kind organic/convention
  • Minimum tillage (no more than 2 - 3 crops per plot a year)
  • Full Maturity Cover cropping (providing the soil a steady state food supply)
  • Applying Broad-spectrum mineral supplement
  • Restoring Indigenous soil biota 

While interning/working at Green String Farm I learned Bob Cannard’s “Natural Process” farming methods. 

This method of farming involves applying crushed igneous rock (AKA Stone Meal) to the fields to restore all the trace minerals which are essential building blocks to both the plants immune system and those that consume it. While also building up the digestive forces of the soil by applying compost and compost teas that have been pre-inoculated with the local indigenous soil biota. Your local soil biota are already acclimated to your climate and will do the best job of making all the minerals in the Stone Meal plant available.

The idea is to mimic the natural effect of rivers flooding the floodplains that have historically been the most fertile land where many past civilizations have used to sustain their cultures for thousands of years. The floodplains normally would receive a nice dosing of mountain tea that is rich in all the minerals and biology the mountains that feed said floodplain. The biology coming down the mountain becomes predominantly aerobic microbes  that thrive in the oxygen rich environment created by a ripping, roiling river coming down the mountain. These aerobic microbes are essential for further breaking down the minerials that are coming down the mountain and also already present in the floodplain soil. 

In natural process farming there is no such thing as Pests. We treat all “pests” as an indicator of soil health and if a plant is getting over run by some type of bug It is obvious the plant is missing something essential to the proper functioning of its immune system. Instead of covering up that deficiency and passing it on to those that consume it like most convention and even organic farmers choose to do. As a Natural Process farmer I’ll experiments with compost teas and various trace minerals applied to the base of the plant and use my senses to see how it responds.

Other things to cover: Minimum tillage, Mulching, Cover cropping, Competition Control

Short video of my mentor Bob Cannard explaining Natural Process Farming